Our Flagship Application

In today’s world, thinking at variance with the mainstream has become unpopular, politically and socially riskier. Freedom of the press has become a medium of promulgating the idea that only those tenets held dear by certain segments of our society should be reported as news and contrasting viewpoints are often labeled and discredited.

The consequence being that many people are denied the opportunity to think for themselves, and are solely guided by what their “trusted” media dictates. There are several news outlets representing Contrasting points of views, but they are fragmented and not available on a single platform.  E.g., if a user wants to read, or view a media link, of a Contrasting version of a hot news story, the user has to search for it.

Often, time becomes a Constraint. Variant seeks to promote an independent mind and objectivity by putting at the disposal of web and mobile users, contrasting articles and media on the same story, sequentially, in a single space.  Variant is our flagship mobile application in development with apps for Android and Apple OS.

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